B0 Boot Error Fix

Posted: August 1, 2006 in OSx86 Configuration

If you get a B0 Error on first boot read below to get it fixed; otherwise you can just skip this module and continue to the next.

Use this picture gallery as a references for this section

To fix this problem you will need software that will run on boot and will allow you to access the partition table and set Mac to active. There are several options for the software to use, but the only one I have personally used and will explain here is Boot Magic 8. The first thing you need is to download Hiren’s Boot CD v8.2, boot from it, and follow these prompts:

Enter choice 9 too see more tools
Enter choice 1 for MBR tools
Enter choice 8 for more utilities
Enter choice 2 for Boot Magic 8

In a couple of seconds you will see a command line asking you to enter the ID of the partitions you want to boot from. Enter the number of the Partition marked as AF (Should be number 2) and hit ‘Enter’

On boot eject CD and it should boot to the “Welcome/Registration” page.

Next Step

  1. pegazoo says:

    Hi m8!

    Thx for your post. After one and a half our i found this and i can boot osx on my pc!:) Thx again and good luck in the future:)

  2. Junior says:

    Hey i am kinda familiar with all the osx stuff and the emulation apps. and i’ve gotten pretty tired of all the bs of trying to make it LOOK like and apple OSX! So i was wondering if it was worth it to use osx86? And where did it come from… all the background on it!

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