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Posted: August 1, 2006 in OSx86 Configuration

Another problem that also affects laptop users is the lack of wireless capability, especially if an Intel wireless device is installed. I have a 2200 b/g Intel wireless and so far no support for it. My Ethernet port is not working either, so I was thinking I was completely out of luck, since I did not want to buy a supported internal wireless device. As a last try and plugged my cable modem to the laptop using an usb connection and it worked. Therefore if that worked, I also assumed a USB wireless adapter should work and I started to search for supported USB devices. I found one, which was not too expensive and was easy to get and the information on it is below:

Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter
Part # F5D7050
Ver. 4000

There are also a couple of other USB network adapters that work with OSx86, but the following guide only covers this specific one and if you are planning to buy and use the same then you should take a look at the guide below to learn how to get it installed.

1) First thing is to download the driver from here
Download the USB driver for Mac (10.3/10.4)

2) Install it (select Mac Os X 10.4 not Mac Os X 10.3). This will install 2 drivers for the 2 chipsets

3) Go to the System/Library/Extensions directory and delete ZD1211Mac.kext. Make sure you keep the ZD1215Mac.kext as this is the one used by the Belkin device


4) Get the ProductID and VendorID as being listed by System Profiler. These values are in HEXadecimal but the driver needs these values in DECimal. Here is what you need to do:
– Plug the Belkin adapter
– Open ‘System Profiler’
– Expand the USB line
– Click on the USB 2.0wan and look for ProductID and VendorID

Here is how to convert the values:
– Start Applications – Calculator and switch to “Programmer” mode (View – Programmer):
– switch the calculator to HEX mode
– enter value for Product ID
– switch the calculator to DEC mode
– write down the decimal value for ProductID
– repeat the same steps for VendorID

5) Now we need to patch the driver:
– Go to /System/Library/Extensions
– Locate the “ZD1211Mac.kext” or “ZD1215Mac.kext”. You need to select the one you need:
ZD1211Mac.kext is for the “ZD1211” chipset (earlier – v3000)
ZD1215Mac.kext is for the “ZD1211 Rev. B” chipset (later – v4000)
– Right click on the kext and “Show Package Contents” – open up “Contents” – Drag the “Info.plist” to your Desktop to make a (writable) copy.
– Double-click on the “Info.plist” on your desktop to open it (in TextEdit):

Now locate the lines below <key>IOKitPersonalities</key>. You’ll see that there are 15 keys:

These keys are for different branches of USB Wi-Fi hardware but of course we only need 1 of these: the one we are using, so delete every key except the first one. This will result in:


Now change the “idProduct” key with YOUR decimal Product ID:


Now change the “idVendor” key with YOUR decimal Vendor ID:


– Save the changes in TextEdit and quit TextEdit
– Un-plug the Belking wireless adapter
– Drag the “Info.plist” from your Desktop back to its original place (inside the ‘Contents’ folder).
When it’s asking for Authentication: give proper userid and password. The driver is now patched to your card IDs

6) Clear the kext cache by using Finder and going to /System/Library. Now delete the files “Extensions.kextcache” and “Extensions.mkext” – Don’t worry: these files are being recreated when you reboot Mac Os X

7) Fix the kext security:
– Open up Terminal
– Type the following commands:

sudo -s
chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/ZD1211Mac.kext
chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/ZD1211Mac.kext


sudo -s
chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/ZD1215Mac.kext
chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/ZD1215Mac.kext

– Quit Terminal

8) Repair Disk Permissions by opening Applications – Utilities – Disk Utilities and clicking on the ‘Repair Disk Permissions’ button

9) Reboot

The WLAN application (installed by the driver installation) will open up automatically every time you boot. Connect the Belking network adapter and a new window will pop-up, where you will see the device, and the local connection information. You are online now!

Credits go to tutorial found here

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  1. Been trying this with a Trendnet 424UB. The hardware profiler sees the device and its product/vendor code, but it never shows up as a network connector. On an early Mac Mini with no airport but with ethernet.

    thanks for any thoughts

  2. My apologies. A little research reveals that the 424UB I bought, although the same model and called “version B” is an entirely different chip set, Sis something, which is windows only. I am now trying to scare up the discontinued 424UB A which I suspect will work fine.

    By the way, this is an excellent howto, very clear and well organized and complete. Thanks.

  3. gmie roquai says:

    just wondering where do you get the Belkin f5d5070 v4000 drivers?
    the link you give The page cannot be found.
    and googling this Belkin USB wireless card, I found several of version for f5d5070 Belkin website..there is V2000, V3000, and V4000..only avalaible for MAC is V2000&3000 but on MAC that workable for my MAC OSX 10.4.7?
    or else there is others solution form my hackistosh to use wireless.
    my laptop is HP COMPAQ nx5000..everything work fine but only wireless is not working 😦
    hope you can give a idea and help.

  4. gsbd41316 says:

    Thanks for letting me know that site is not working anymore. I went to the root site and I see they seem to have removed those pages for the 1211B device. I will try to upload the drivers from my backup folder to the server I am using so you can download it. But I have to first make up some time to do that.

  5. kevin says:

    I can not get osx86 on my laptop I have a compaq v3000 I can get it to work in vmware with one processor turned on

  6. susana says:

    Please send me these drivers
    the link you provided dont work!!!

  7. DC2BAR says:

    A confirmed flawless working USB device I found that needs zero kext editing is the Hawking Technologies HWUG1 I bought at CompUSA for $50.

    Go to

    install, and reboot. Presto, fully working WiFi, no kext tinkering required =)

    Plus it has an external antenna and blows the heck out of my old 2200’s range, too.

    Note: at reboots, make sure you restart the ralink usb wireless utility or it will not connect to networks. An easy fix is to just pull the adapter out and plug it back in to your usb port, this will cause the ralink utility to auto-launch and connect to your preferred network.

  8. Yuan Zhao says:

    There is now a driver available.

    Google iwi2200

  9. shaun says:

    I’ve downloaded the programe done everithing but… the`programe doesen’t work plz is there an alternative programe or a way tu make a usb wifi into the sistem default conection


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