Fixing Close Lid Bug

Posted: August 1, 2006 in OSx86 Configuration

Right now you should have Mac OS X installed and running and I bet you are very happy if you are using a desktop PC. What do I mean with these? Well there are some problems on OSx86 for laptop users, and one of these show up when you close the laptop lid. When you reopen it Mac is completely frozen, and the only thing you can do at the moment to fix it is to reboot. In order to alleviate this problem I did a search in Google and I found a file named Insomnia. Insomnia is a kernel extension that, as the name says, disables the sleep mode on Mac. That is exactly what we need to be able to close our laptop lid and rest assure that it will be on and working when we re-open it.

We will use a modified version of this kernel extension, which will avoid having to load the kernel by hand every time the OS boot. Download this file and follow the instructions below:

-Unzip the into your /Library/StartupItems directory. Authenticate the item.

Hint: the Library folder is not the folder located inside System/Library. It is located in the root of your HD
Hint 2: If you by any chance copied Insomnia.kext to System/Library/Extension before, make sure you erase it

-Restart. On next boot a message will come asking to fix permissions on the new files. Select fix and click on restart.

On next boot this problem should be gone. To test it, just close the lid and re-open it. If it is alive the test has been passed. I will recommend that you also uncheck the options that will put HD to sleep or turn it off after certain time. Be aware that this does not fix the sleep problem if you press the ‘Sleep’ key or hit ‘Sleep’ from the ‘Apple’ menu.

Notice: I did not create either one of the two files mentioned above. All credits go to their creators. For more information about both visit the following links:


More info and download links here

Next Step


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