OSx86 Install

Posted: August 1, 2006 in OSx86 Install

To install JaS OSx86 10.4.6 the first thing you need to do is to put the install DVD on your DVD drive and turn off the PC. Before you turn it on, if you are on a laptop, you need to either connect an external monitor to it, or use the staple trick explained on the previous module. Once you do that follow this sequence:

Hint: Use this picture gallery as a reference

When asked press the ‘F8’ for install options

On the next screen press ‘Enter’. Installer starts to load.

When asked select the language and click ‘Next’

Agree to Apple’s terms

You will now come to the HD selection windows. No HD should be listed and here is what you need to do:

-Open “Disk Utilities” from the ‘Utilities’ menu
-Select disk0s2 (Make sure this is the correct disk by checking the size you gave it)
-Click on the ‘Erase’ tab
-Select ‘Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)’
-Type a name for the HD, hit the ‘Erase’ button, and confirm you want to erase it.
-Quick “Disk Utilities”

Now you should see an HD to install to. Click on it and then click on the ‘Customize’ button. You will see install options here.

Hint: To save the most space on install here are some recommendations:
-Uncheck all printers except the one you have and plan to use
-Uncheck all additional fonts if you don’t need them
-Uncheck all language translations if you don’t need them
-Uncheck X11 if you don’t know what is it or don’t plan to use it

Very Important, check the following options located at the bottom of the customize panel (Also check any other that apply to your system):

-10.4.6 Combo Update
-Intel SSE2
-10.4.6 GMA900 Support
-Wireless Networking Support
-Via Sata ATA.

After you have checked your choices hit install and wait for the installer to finish.

Hint: If you want to save time on the installer you can skip DVD check, only if you know the DVD media does not contain any writing errors. My latest JaS OSx86 installation took about 14 minutes to complete by un-checking that.

When the install is done the PC will reboot As soon as the PC restarts you need to eject the install DVD.

If everything installed ok you will boot to the “Welcome/Registration” page. At this time you should be able to see everything in color and hear sound right away. Follow the prompts until you get to the desktop.

NOTICE: If you get the ‘B0 Error’ when booting, read the next module. Otherwise, skip it.

Next Step

  1. Carlos Gouveia says:

    Hi there.
    I tried to install Jas OS X 10.4.7 on a Acer Aspire 5601 AWLMi, and no success. After installation, when it tries to boot to OS X, on the menu with the progressive bar saying “starting something” the bar doesn’t move, and after 10 minutes waiting i decided to shut down the laptop, and install Ubuntu 6.10 again.
    Whats wrong? My processor is dual core, is that the problem?
    Could somenone help me please.


  2. Carlos Gouveia says:

    And why do i need to connect the laptop to a external monitor?

  3. gsbd41316 says:

    You don’t need to have a second monitor (that will work though but way to much trouble). All you need to do is follow instructions on my page about the PaperClip/Staple trick here: https://gsbd41316.wordpress.com/2006/08/01/paperclipstaple-trick/

  4. Bagy says:

    I have a ‘problem’ I tryied JaS and ToH edition but it didn’t worked – It can’t found by HDD! I’m using SATA (80GB) , two my friends tryed to install ToH and JaS editons from 6 different DVDs but with no succes…Is there any reason why this happend ?

  5. mac says:

    whenever it tryes to install it says after it finishes loading after the -v command it says killing all processes and then continueing and then it reboots and goes throught the same process over and over.

    thx if u could help

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