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Software Fixes (New)

Posted: February 7, 2007 in OSx86 Configuration

I have decided to add the last update to my guide, and it has to do with some software that have not been working properly on my hackintosh but I have been able to get it fixed and working again. Notice these software were not working properly on JaS Mac OS X 10.4.8.

After opening iTunes and accepting the license agreement an error box pops up saying: ‘The iTunes application could not be opened. There is not enough memory available’. No matter how many times you re-install iTunes or apply the latest updates or delete files or even edit plist file inside of it, these methods did not work for me. But after several hours of googling I did came across a method that do work and here it is (Credits go to Tebi from insanelymac):

1 – Go to /Applications and rename iTunes with iTunes2
2 – Install iTunes 7.
3 – Next go to Terminal and write:
cd /Applications
ditto -arch ppc

4 – If you look your Applications folder, you must see 3 iTunes: iTunes (with the new blue icon), iTunes2 (with the green icon) and iTunesPPC (blue icon with a grey circle above)
5 – Right Click in iTunesPPC (blue icon with a grey circle above) and select “Show package content”
6 – There go to “Contents” and then “MacOS”. You should see a file named iTunes. Copy it.
7 – Close that window. Go again to Applications and repeat steps 5 and 6 (except with the part that you copy the file) with the iTunes app (blue icon)
8 – In the MacOS folder, rename iTunes with iTunes-old and then Paste de iTunes file that you copied in step 6
9 – Close all windows and now you can run iTunes 7.0.1


Safari and Mac MSN Messenger
After the 10.4.8 update and the Security Update from Apple I noticed that Safari and MSN Messenger started to act really odd. Although the applications don’t crash, they became really unusable at this point since the fonts were not displaying as they should. I changed fonts, sizes, encoding and even try re-installing the applications and resetting them but it just didn’t work. Here is the only method that worked for me ( Credits go to Rammjet from insanelymac):

If you do use the Security update and get scrambled text in Safari (and MSN Messenger), use Pacifist to extract the WebKit.framework from the 10.4.8 updater and install it into your system.

Notice: For me the above method did not work the first time but I did download the official 10.4.8 update from apple and extracted that file from it. Still did not work and I did the same with the original 10.4.6 dvd and gave a final try to the jas 10.4.8 update and it worked that time. So I am not completelly sure which one did the trick but I do know one of them did, lol.


Aperture 1.0
I have always wanted to be able to try this program but I gave up on it since my machine did not meet the minimum requirements and I thought it will be impossible. If you think like me, then we are both wrong, it can be done with a little trick. All you need is to get your hands on Aperture 1.0 dmg, install it (Using Pacifist), and follow these instructions ( Credits go to JZR from creativebits):

The application itself runs a function to check the CPU and GPU against certain parameters in a similar way to the installer. I ran a memory scanner and figured out how to disable it.

You need HexEdit

To disable the application startup check:
1) Install Aperture (Using Pacifist)
2) Open HexEdit and browse to ‘/Applications/’.
3) Open ‘Aperture’. HexEdit saves a backup automatically to ‘Aperture~’ when you write changes to the file, so you don’t have to worry about messing up. Be aware that HexEdit is quite buggy in 10.4. Don’t click anywhere I didn’t tell you to click.
4) Hit cmd+f. In the ‘Find’ field, enter ’49 48 48 32 6D C9′. Make sure ‘Matching:’ is set to HEX. Hit return.
5) Replace the selection with ’49 48 48 32 59 59′.
6) Click the search window. Using the procedure in step 4 and 5, replace
’49 4C 48 32 6D 35′ with ’49 4C 48 32 58 C5′.
7) Save and close the file.
8) Done! Have fun : )

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not update Aperture to 1.5, otherwise you won’t be able to use it even if you try to re-do the same process. You will have to reinstall 1.0 and start all over like I had to do. Aperture 1.0 did run for me but painfully slow, so be aware of that if you don’t have the min reqs

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